Our matter of truth
The Aclam project was born inside the Golden Square of Catalan Modernism in the city of Barcelona, giving continuity to three great passions: the camera as a tool of visual expression, straddling objectivity and intention; the guitar as an intuitive, close and versatile musical instrument and the motorcycle as a symbol of risk, freedom and companionship. These values and qualities are the cradle (the matter of truth) of our company.

The human factor
Aiming to help professionals develop their projects, accompanying and providing them with the most suitable tools, and even so, assisting them in whatever they may need, leads us to surround ourselves with people who are passionate about everything they do. We, the entire Aclam team, work with this same intensity, offering a close and efficient service.

Creativity and technology
This is the thread that sews all Aclam's activity together. Photo Video Rental, Products for Guitars and Records work on the basis of these two axes. We try to be proactive by applying new technologies and we study them to enhance creativity, creating a sort of synergistic circle that improves the outcome of each project we are involved in.

Feel, think, play
If you are able to feel, think and act to promote these values and passions, join us and we will show you the last phase of our project: The Aclam Club (A Guitar Place). A space dedicated to the world of the guitar and its music. A space with corners for photography and audiovisual. A space, also, for the bike, which allows us to offer our support to the Kawakasi Català Aclam team.

A space to add value, enjoy, learn, know and share. Whether it's two wheels, six strings or a few images... or all at once!